1. Reverse the Way you Create

2. Progression

The aim of the workshop is to focus on the process. By the end of the session we will create a series of images that we will bind into a sketchbook/livre d’artiste. We will work with dry and wet media and use words and music as an inspiration. In the middle of the workshop we will have a short tea and snack break.

All the materials as well as tea and baked goods are included in the price. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the workshop.

What people say about the way I work:

“Kinga is an inspiration. What struck me the most was how she pushed her work forward through questioning – of details, narratives, and motivations. Watching her process unfold as she explores different mediums and ways of telling her story has been a joy, as she allows herself to be open to new ideas and ways of interpretation, which serves her extremely well in her exploration of nostalgia, meaning and story.” ~ Amy Ng

If you are interested drop me a line