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Museum Haus Konstruktiv presents an art project with audio guides envisioned by Delphine Chapuis-Schmitz . For this project, Delphine has chosen excerpts from artists’ writing, literature, philosophy and dictionary entries. The texts do not describe the exhibition currently on show (Victor Vasarely), they are inspired by the museum itself, the rooms and the collection. This project is an interactive game between the artist and the visitors in a place that is one of a kind.  The line is a means to mediate the quality or timbre of a situation, and has a structure which is quick and abstract and more or less thinkable, but it’s the tonality or, if you want, wholeness of a situation that is what I’m trying to get at. Fred Sandback via minimalissimo The text number 65 made me think of Fred Sandback whose first retrospective of drawings can be seen in Kunstmuseum Winterthur from 10th May.

Japanese Poster Artists, The Rediscovery of the Painter and Grafik 14, Zurich

Zurich, this month, is a perfect place to experience the tao of the Japanese poster at the Museum für Gestaltung, op art at the Museum Haus Konstruktiv and swiss graphic art at Grafik 14. I had one day to see all three exhibitions and the mixture was quite overwhelming. The way “Japanese Poster Artist – Cherry Blossom and Asceticism” exhibition is organised enhances the tao of the Japanese poster artists, their simplicity, sensibility and subtlety. These artworks possess an unusual aesthetic that is utterly captivating, and yet seem to refute all the conventional rules of visual communication.  … What is being advertised is often unclear, and the Japanese poster tends to be viewed as a visual embodiment of philosophical ideas of the Far East. Bettina Richter, Japan – Nippon «Poster Collection 26», Lars Müller The expressive power of line … As a design element, line sometimes draws strongly on the expressive, realist tradition, but can also be used in a gestural and abstract manner. The use of line in Japanese poster manifests a special affinity with …