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On The Way

I’ve just come back from the Masurian Lake District, north-eastern Poland. The video above was made while I was travelling by train, on the way back to Warsaw. The music I’ve chosen here is Chopin’s Mazurka No 41 In C Sharp Minor Opus 63 No 3 performed by Sandor Falvay. Here you can watch the video with Chopin’s Prelude Op 28 No 4 by Paul Cantrell (

Julien Mier, Shawn Decker and Small Instruments

imagine a place… Dutch sound designer Julien Mier. errant behaviors (errant behaviors is a video installation by Anne Wilson) Shawn Decker is an American sound artist. small instruments Small Instruments is a Polish group playing music on the smallest possible instruments. Small Instruments performing Chopin. Sambor Dudziński performing Chopin on toy piano.