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Between complexity and poetry, Civic design and global citizenship

Briefly Noted Dans le cadre de Design City 2016 – LXBG Biennale Yesterday / Gestern / Hier / Ieri Ruedi Baur, Between complexity and poetry, Civic design and global citizenship lecture organized by Design Friends at Mudam.  


Existing political, economical, ecological and even social structures are widely questioned. … As a consequence design can no longer only be defined by just technical performance, aesthetics, or creativity. … Dennis Elbers, London Calling, Dee, Issue 3, 2014 It is still quite rare to see a design exhibition in a museum. But thanks to Dennis Elbers and Sven Ehmann’s initiative, and the sensitive approach to design of Nadine Clemens, the president of Design Friends Luxembourg, it is now possible to see Resolute–Design Changes exhibition at the Casino Luxembourg–Forum d’art contemporain. The projects presented in Resolute and Postscript Luxembourg give us insight into how socially responsible designers approach social problems and how they try to solve them on a bigger scale. What’s interesting is that these designers always work in, with and for a community. Their work is no longer just about staging provocations; it is about involvement and finding solution. Design for Social Innovation applies the abilities of talented individuals to collective creativity and to the transformation of complex systems at great scale. In this new role, the designer’s practice takes place not in private studio but …

Translate, Translator and Translation

Designer as translator …the act of design is, in essence, the clarification of material or the remaking of content from one form to another. The ultimate goal is the expression of a given content rendered in a form that reaches a new audience. … The translation becomes a second art. Translation is neither scientific nor ahistorical. Every translation reflects both the character of the original and the spirit of the contemporary as well as the individuality of the translator… Like the poetic translator, the designer transforms not only the literal meaning of the elements but the spirit, too. … The designer is intermediary. Michael Rock, Multiple Signatures Translation is a kind of impersonation, … As a translator … I am keen to observe the world consciously, and notice dialogue, notice dialect, notice personal styles of speech, notice tics. … A book is not only a text, and I don’t see translation as an exclusively literary activity, but as a human exchange. … Translation is primarily performance, interpretation, more than it is “creation”… Peter Biľak in conversation …