What kind of writing speaks to me?

I think the type of writing is of secondary importance what matters are writer’s abilities in conveying the message. It all comes down to good writing and not a specific type of writing.

Whether it is a historical analysis, biography, or opinion-oriented criticism the text should be informative and cleverly written. The kind of text that speaks to me has to be well contextualized, intelligently crafted, convincing, and engaging. What I appreciate in any text is author’s unique point of view, thoughtfulness, and knowledge. It should be written with flair and love for language.  The writing should encourage the reader to think about the subject matter and to provoke reflection. It should also inspire to dig dipper and find out more about the content. Finally, it should give “intense pleasure and deep satisfaction to the mind”.

In the old days the aesthetics were strictly defined and the work of art would only be evaluated according to whether the artist followed the canon and the ideal of beauty. Now art critics and commentators sympathize with artists and try to describe and explain the artworks they produce. My concern is that both the art world and art criticism are now institutionalized and are part of a big network of interdependencies. It seems there are not so many rebels and drop outs anymore. Everyone wants to specialize and that can make a big difference.

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