Irma Boom, Hella Jongerius, Alice Rawsthorn, Beat Wyss and Aaron Betsky

Interesting design doesn’t exist to serve the purpose of a device but to exceed it by pure representation. In borderline case, the purpose becomes pure form. A designed object is successful when its daily use becomes a cultivated habit. Habit, unlike purpose-driven assistance, is an end in itself.

About Authorship, Beat Wyss, Some Book: Graphic Expressions between Design and Art

We are living at a time when once-familiar objects are disappearing from our lives. Any product is at risk if its function can be fulfilled as effectively by the software or a digital device like a smart phone or tablet that can do numerous other things too. Those imperilled objects will only survive if they offer us something enticing that eludes their digital equivalents, whether it is aesthetic, sensual or functional.

Life in Design (Irma Boom’s books) by Alice Rawsthorn, Frieze Magazine

Innovation is the highest priority. You have to have a reason to make a new piece. You have to look at a product from another angle, give something to the design profession, or innovate on a material level, or innovate on expression.

Hella Jongerius and a perfect misfit

Design and art can meet at the working level by turning the act of observing or using beautiful things into an act of sense-making. …

… Works of art tend to be unique; the design object has the largest possible circulation. … The work of art personifies absolute exchange value, like money, while its utility value is restricted to being decorative and making us think. Compared to that, the design object claims to have practical utility, even if it remains unused, …

About Authorship by Beat Wyss from Some Book: Graphic Expressions between Design and Art

Seeing is Knowing is Making

The artist’s work consists of organising, crafting, and framing the information in such a way that it gives back to the viewer or reader reality in an altered form. …

One might say that it reveals the true nature of things by exhibiting the relationship between things.

False Flat: Why Dutch Design Is So Good (about Irma Boom’s work) by Aaron Betsky


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