Look and See

To observe, you must learn to separate situation from interpretation, yourself from what you’re seeing. (…)

Choosing wisely means being selective. It means not only looking but looking properly with real thought. It means looking with a real knowledge that what you note – and how you note it – will form the basis of any future deductions you might make. It’s about seeing the full picture, noting the details that matter, and understanding how to contextualize those details within a broader framework of thought. (…)

Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes by Maria Konnikova

The power we have as designers is that we are generalists. Designers have the ability to see systems and patterns.

Cheryl Heller

Designers need to make connections and see the overall picture. When you’re able to assess information and anticipate future impacts, objectively, you can see and understand the whole picture.

Maggie Macnab

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