Weave & Spin


Lady Maisery is a British vocal folk trio from Hazel Askew (voice, harp, concertina), Hannah James (voice, accordion, clog dancer ) and Rowan Rheingans (voice, fiddle, banjo, ban-sitar). Their harmonies are enchanting, their diddling reviving and inspiring.

Folk music means people and community, it doesn´t have to be traditional or old, but it has to be something that can be shared with people…

Diddling is a style of singing tunes in folk tradition, (…) it is mouth music in Scotland and lilting in Ireland, …, but in England no one, recently, has been doing it, has been singing tunes, and there’s definitely, records of people used to do it and little references to it, but we’ve kind of started it again (…)

From na interview with Hazel Askew for “Arts in the Afternoon”, MA Radio, Goldsmiths



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  1. Hello,
    I am starting to put together a Lady Maisery fanzine here in London. I came across your blog, and I wondered whether you might be interested in contributing something. I really hope you’ll say yes! Drop me an email, or comment on my blog if you think you could consider it. Hope to hear from you.

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