Prist with Balloons

Tiny Ruins, whose real name is Holly Fullbrook, is a songwriter and a composer. Her debut album Some Were Meant For Sea was selected one of the favourite BBC’s albums of 2012. It is minimal, cool, tender and melancholic. The music was recorded in a hall of an old school at night, because of the nesting birds in the roof.  Some Were Meant For Sea is about movement, distance, place changing and exploring. As for the process of song writing, Holly has a habit of collecting strange stories from newspaper articles, like, for example, traffic controllers having ballet lessons in some small town of Rumania.


Not regular party size; * Waves crash on either side. * He’s wearing polypropylene, * Clutching at straws, holding onto string. * What was he looking for – * Truth, or was it Heaven? * Or did he just want to go out with a bang, * So to speak? * He’s put his helmet on, * Steps out, floats on into the sky, * Goodbye! * It’s funny, but I can understand why: * I want to live where traffic controllers * Are ballet dancers, * And billboards painted over with colours; * Where unkindness is fined * In numbers of roses, * And nobody feels like taking the commons, * Nobody feels like taking the commons. * (…)

From a song Priest With Balloons

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